Custom Comfort Medtek

Custom Comfort Medtek is a medical furniture and healthcare supplies manufacturer who manufacturers a variety of hospital and patient furniture. Custom Comfort Medtek's product line includes blood draw and reclining chairs, donor beds and exam tables, supply carts and cabinets, and numerous other medical furniture required by interior design.

Geo-Med has Custom Comfort Medtek products available on ECAT Capital Equipment Contract, SPE2D1-23-D-0004.

Bariatric Draw Chair (featuring Sliding L-Arm)

Item #1202-SXXL

Power Bariatric Recliner

Item #BA1508-B/EM

Power Bariatric Exam Table

Item #8010X-AP

Power Draw Chair

Item #1202-L/AP

Mobile Supply Cabinets

Item # SC6041 or SC6066

Mobile Supply Cart

Item # GN1060J

Computer Cart

Item # CC1030

Phlebotomy Cart

Item # 3015-SC

Free Standing Donor Bed

Item # SA1403

Adjustable Height Blood Draw Chair

Item # 1202-LU/AH

Narrow Blood Draw Chair (Space-Saving)

Item # 1202-LU/N

Cabinet Exam Table

Item # 8070

Free Standing Mini Exam Table

Item # MA3091-FS

Portable Draw Chair

Item # JA1201-FC

Folding Donor Bed

Item # JA1885

Traveling Arm Medical Recliners

Item # VM5000-L or VM5000-LXL/XT

Wall-Away Recliner

Item # MC1227-WA

Medical Stool

Item # 4070-CQB

How to Operate Draw Arms on Donor Beds

Donor Bed with Adjustable Draw Arms

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Geo-Med Interior Design / Furniture

Interior Design / Furniture

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