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SafeLM® is the First and Only View Adjustable Video Laryngeal Mask
• Adjustable camera angle with an observation range greater than 180° allows for easy exposure of the Glottis
• Compact design for operation with ease
• Perform Intubation while maintaining Oxygenation
• Combo materials provide both comfort and maneuverability
• Secure airway seal with max leak pressure up to 35-40 cmH2O

Malposition Occurs in 50-80% of Blind Laryngeal Mask Placement Cases!
• Improper insertion causes injury to a patient’s Epiglottis, Arytenoid Cartilage or other tissues.
• Malposition causes poor airway sealing, unexpected position shift, or increased airway resistance.
• Inability to monitor secretion under the cuff leads to a risk of regurgitation and aspiration.

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