Geo-Med and Verde are partnering with governmental organizations seeking to lead the deactivation and disposal of unwanted and unused pharmaceuticals; resulting in safer homes, communities and environment.

Geo-Med is the exclusive provider of the Deterra® drug deactivation system to the federal government.  We currently work with CMOP and have been awarded several contracts/orders over the years.  Our goal is to provide superior service to the government and our veterans.

Verde’s technology is the universal solution for the deactivation and disposal of unused pharmaceuticals in home and medical institutions worldwide.  Founded in 2011, Minneapolis-based Verde Technologies, Inc. is a privately-owned company committed to providing safe, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions for disposal of unwanted prescription drugs to discourage misuse and abuse of unwanted medications, prevent accidental poisonings and reduce pharmaceutical contamination of water.  All of our products are manufactured in the United States.