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Operating Room

For the past 16 years, Geo-Med has been providing surgical packs for the VA, in addition to advanced OR and surgical equipment, accessories and supplies for any OR procedure.  Our product lines include laparoscopic, robotic, gastroenterology, cardiology, orthopedic, interventional equipment, instruments, tools and more. We offer brand name surgical equipment and products, including, but not limited to:

Allergan: A global pharmaceutical leader focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing branded pharmaceutical, device, biologic, surgical and regenerative medicine products for patients around the world. Geo-Med offers the Alloderm and Strattice tissue matrix products through our ECAT Med/Surg Contract, SPE2DE‐21‐D‐7024.

Surgical Packs/Custom Procedure Tray: We have the ability to provide sterile or non-sterile trays with specific components, including instruments, drapes, labeling and more based on each VA’s unique needs, procedures and patients. We have direct access to leading manufacturers with short production times to ensure flexibility. We are focused on building packs to your specific needs that can be ordered and received as needed and are pleased to offer surgical packs through our ECAT Med/Surg Contract, SPE2DE‐21‐D‐7024. Common trays currently being provided include: Major/Minor; Set-up; Basin; Biopsy; Cataract/Eye; Cath Lab/Angiography; Open-Heart; Cysto; ENT; Extremity; Laparoscopic; Total Knee; Total Hip; and Vascular.

Geo-Med X-Ray Detectable OR Towels/Lap Sponges: Geo-Med’s disposable x-ray detectable OR towels are 100% cotton and manufactured in Mexico making them NAFTA compliant. The towels include 50 inches of detectable material and are offered in white and blue, sterile packs of 2, 4, 6, 8, as well as bulk non-sterile. These towels are included on DAPA Contract #SP‐0200‐09‐H‐0023.

Ecolab: Fluid Management systems, such as The Ecolab® CoreTemp™ Fluid Management System advances technology and innovation to help nurses with fluid management. The system quickly warms irrigation fluid to a safe and controlled temperature and is the first and only open-basin system to include technology to automatically and accurately track fluid volume during surgery. During procedures requiring surgical slush, ORS Hush Slush Systems from Ecolab® deliver velvet-soft slush which improves patient safety and saves valuable nursing time. The proprietary Auto-Stir® technology in Hush Slush Systems automatically stirs the solution while cooling and eliminates concerns with conventional slush that may have sharp edges which can cause trauma to delicate tissues.

DeRoyal: Surgical and Acute Care; Orthopedics; Patient Protection; Wound Care including surgical instruments; Custom Procedural Packs/Trays; Temperature Monitoring; Orthopedic Soft Goods; and Wound Dressings.

Magill Medical: Sole Manufacturer and distributor of the SafeLM® VideoLMA, the first and only view adjustable Video Laryngeal Mask.  This mask eliminates the risk of malposition or obstruction, and provides continuous monitoring and safety in OR, General Anesthesia, and even EMS applications.

Medline: Manufacturer and distributor of medical products and services across the continuum of care, including Custom Procedural Packs/Trays, Textiles, Durable Medical Equipment, and Patient Safety.

Xenex: Lightstrike Germ-Zapping Robot UV Disinfection System (no mercury). Powered by pulsed xenon SureStrike 360™ technology, the Xenex LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots are the standard of care for no-touch disinfection. Supported by nearly two dozen peer reviewed studies, it’s no wonder why over 400 hospitals have chosen Xenex to elevate their environmental hygiene practices.

Acclarent: Dedicated to supporting Otolaryngologists with minimally invasive ENT technologies that relieve suffering as effectively, and painlessly, as possible. We are proud to be developing and advancing innovative technology, including our Balloon Sinuplasty technology, which has been used by Otolaryngologists to treat over 535,000 patients.

Johnson and Johnson: Ethicon has pioneered advances in wound closure that enable you to minimize tissue trauma, optimize healing, and improve patient outcomes.

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