The Eversense® CGM System offers diabetes patients a new alternative to traditional CGM. It’s the first CGM system of its kind to feature a fully-inserted sensor that lasts up to 90 days, along with a removable and rechargeable wireless transmitter and a mobile app that allows glucose information to be accessed and managed entirely on a user’s Apple® or Android™ device and stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud.

The Eversense Sensor is designed to be inserted four times a year by a physician, eliminating the pain and hassle of weekly sensor self-insertion. It’s inserted subcutaneously in the upper arm with no part of the sensor protruding from the skin, and its accuracy is not impacted by compression or exercise.

In addition, the Eversense CGM System conveniently does not need a separate receiver to display real-time glucose readings. Patients can discreetly check their data on their smartphone or smartwatch, which reduces disease state visibility and patient burden. In the event of a glycemic excursion or other issue, alerts are provided by the Eversense Smart Transmitter through on-body vibratory alerts. Audible alerts are also provided, which the Eversense Mobile App can be configured to deliver.

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