USAXRAY is Burkhart Roentgen International, Inc., a quality driven, customer orientated manufacturer of medical x-ray protection devices and distributor of ancillary products. USAXRAY radiation protection line consists of leaded Aprons, Thyroid Shields, leaded hats, Leaded Table drapes, Protective Gloves, leaded Eyewear, leaded Barriers, for Interventional Cardiology, radiology, pain management and anywhere fluoroscopy is performed. They offer lead aprons and thyroid shields that can be customized with logos and monogramming, as well as, lead apron and thyroid shield group rentals.

Product Categories Serviced:

Geo-Med Radiology diagnostic imaging and radiology equipment

Cath Lab / Radiology

Orthoses / Physical Therapy

Pain Management


To purchase an Acclarent product, contact Geo-Med to order. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-877-865-0400.

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